Our Endorsement Criteria

In consultation with progressive organizations in the districts of interest, we try to assess –

  • Legislative Support: Is there a demonstrated history of advocacy for single payer measures? For those running as incumbents in Congress, that means that they must at least be co-sponsors of the Medicare for All Act of 2019 (S. 1129 or H.R. 1384) and proudly mention their support in campaign materials. For incumbent Representatives, they must also be co-sponsors of the State Based Universal Health Care Act (H.R. 5010) and be members of the Medicare for All caucus. Non-incumbents must advocate for Medicare for All or Single Payer in their campaign information. Candidates for state legislature must be advocates for a single payer system in the state.

  • Electabiity: Does the candidate have a chance to win? Is the candidate willing to put effort into the process?

  • Educational Impact: Can the candidate, even in defeat, build substantial backing for single payer in their district?

    Messaging: Will a candidate’s good showing send a strong message to politicians statewide about the strength of single payer movement?

  • Appropriate campaign financing: Does the candidate eschew financing from those working specifically against Medicare for All or single payer – especially those in the Partnership for America’s Health Care Future?

Candidates Endorsed for the 2020 primary


For U.S. Representative:

Mark Gamba, CD 5, South Salem

Mark is the Mayor of the blue Collar city of Milwaukie, Oregon. He left a career as a photojournalist to fight for people facing issues of importance to his community and our nation - among them are the climate crisis, inadequate access to high quality health care, and income inequality. 

For State Senate:

Deb Patterson, SD 10, South Salem

Deb has a multi-decade history of healthcare advocacy, including as the Executive Director of the International Parish Nurse Resource Center. On her website homepage under Why Deb?, she says, “We all need access to affordable, quality health care.”  

For State House:

Maxine Dexter, HD 33, Northwest Portland and Northeast Washington County

Maxine is a pulmonary & critical care doctor, a mother, a business leader, and the first in her family to attend college. She will advocate for "a universally accessible system that is affordable for all with an emphasis on prevention and mental health." 

Christina Stephenson, HD 33, Northwest Portland and Northeast Washington County

Christina is a mom, a civil rights attorney, and a small business owner. She has dedicated her life to community service. She believes "we need “a comprehensive, equitable, publicly funded, and high-quality health care system to serve all Oregon residents.” 

Lisa Reynolds, HD 36, Southwest Portland

Lisa is a pediatrician, a mother, and an activist. She "supports Healthcare for All in Oregon, … is passionate about expanding mental healthcare, and ensuring Oregon upholds its progressive policies that support abortion access and birth control." 

Previous election endorsements

For the November 2018 election - we (as Oregon Right to Health PAC at that time) endorsed the candidates below, three of whom won their election and are currently serving in the Oregon House - Marty Wilde, Rachel Prusak, and Anna Williams.

We established our PAC just a few months before the 2018 election. With limited resources, we decided not to endorse any incumbents, and instead to focus on new candidates who could advance the cause of single payer.

For State Senate:

Shannon Sousa, SD 1, Southern Coast

Shannon is the owner and principle engineer for a full service sustainability consulting and contracting firm. On the issues page of her website, she says “I support health care for everyone.” She has volunteer experience with workforce development and other issues related to improving lives for those in the southern Oregon coastal region.

Deb Patterson, SD 10, South Salem

Deb has a multi-decade history of healthcare advocacy, including as the Executive Director of the International Parish Nurse Resource Center. On her website homepage under Why Deb?, she says, “Deb will work for affordable healthcare for all Oregonians. There are still more than 200,000 Oregonians without health insurance. Thousands more struggle to pay rising premiums.  We can fix this problem in Oregon.”  

Charles Gallia, SD 20, Oregon City

Charles was a Senior Policy Advisor for Research and Evaluation at the Oregon Health Authority. He understands healthcare policy better than most people in Oregon. On his website priorities page, his first priority is healthcare, to which he says, “My career has been dedicated to improving healthcare and making it more affordable and efficient.” Visit

For State House

Christy Inskip, HD 7, Roseburg, Cottage Grove

Christy is a senior community health analyst for Lane County Public Health. As she says on her website issues page, “Healthcare is a human right. Everyone deserves access to good quality, affordable health and mental health care.”  

Marty Wilde, HD 11, southeast Eugene, Creswell, Brownsville, Marcola, Mohawk

Marty is running for an open seat held by Rep. Phil Barnhart. Marty is the executive director of the Lane County Medical Society. On his website platform page he says, “Healthcare is a fundamental right. I support universal coverage as a pathway to single payer coverage.” Visit

Barry Shapiro, HD 18, Silverton

Barry is a graphic designer, advertising artist, and teacher, and has bee teaching photography to incarcerated and at risk youth for more than six years. Oh his issues webpage he says, “We are the only developed nation in the world without universal healthcare… and we pay more than twice as much as the average for that “privilege.” Single-payer just makes sense.” 

Danny Jaffer, HD 23, Dallas

Danny is a retired Navy pilot with a law degree and substantial volunteer experience. As a fiscal conservative, he says this about healthcare on his website on-the-issues page, “Access to quality, affordable health care is a right. It is unacceptable for the United States to remain the only developed nation to fail to provide health care for all of its citizens.”  

Rachel Prusak, HD 37, West Linn

Rachel is a member of Nurses for Single Payer and the Portland Chapter of Physicians for a National Health Program. She has extensive firsthand healthcare experience as a family nurse practitioner. On her website issues page she says, “Affordable, accessible health care for all, including women’s reproductive services and mental health services.”  Visit

Anna Williams, HD 52, Hood River

Anna is a social worker, teacher, community leader, and a mom. On her home page under “Our Priorities. Real Solutions.” she lists her priority under Healthcare for All, “To keep healthcare affordable." Visit